Nadvirna First Children’s Hospice

Our Hospice gives parents and children hope that their illness is not a sentence. By providing support and care for children with terminal and life-limiting illnesses, we help them get through the difficult circumstances of their lives.

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History and background

Palliative care for children differs from adults and is very poorly developed in Ukraine. Therefore, the creation of a department for children with special needs is necessary to provide a full range of palliative care.


The community non-profit enterprise “Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s House” was established back in 1980 as orphanage for children from birth till 7 years and has provided care to over 8 000 children since that time. In 2013 it was decided to create a children’s palliative care department on the site of the orphanage. For this purpose a telethon was held in 2015, when the renovation works were completed. The First Children’s Hospice initially had 15 palliative beds for children with life limiting illnesses and we have provided aid to over 350 children since it was established. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to a significant decrease  in the number of palliative patients. In 2022,  we cared for 77 kids, 29 of them as refugees and 8 disabled children with life limiting illnesses.

St.Palnteeleymon Fund took part in fundraising events for establishing the First Children’s Hospice. With support of the fund received aid from the Vlček Family foundation (Prague, Czech Republic), which  provided funds, food and supplies for the children.. We continue to support the development of services for children who need palliative care, both in the in-patient unit and in the community and are now appealing for support to ensure that the future of the First Children’s Hospice is secured

Today The First Children’s Hospice has 12 beds, 4 of them for children with intensive palliative care needs (breath inhalators, cardio monitors and other equipment for serious illnesses). Children receive not only medical care but also have educational and development programs that include psychological support, art therapy and speech therapist lessons. We have rehabilitation rooms for muscle and coordination exercises, massage, kinesiotherapy and a physiotherapy room with electro and phototherapy.

This year we faced the need to reorganize, as the government will no longer support the orphanage. For this reason, we are working on possibilities to join the facility with the Palliative Care Center and transform our establishment into a hospice for children and adults with possibilities for rehabilitation and mobile teams for the rural mountain areas.

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Our needs, missions and assistance


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