Material support

SInce the financing of Palliative Care in Ukraine is limited, especialy for stand-alone Hospices. It is essential to supply hospice departments with necessary equpment and provision in order to provide high quality palliative care services. St.Panteleymon Charity Fund has been working on supplying equipment and materials in cooperation with our partners.

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In addition to helping supply equipment and materials to the Ivano-Frankivsk group of hospices, we  support other hospices, palliative сare departments and patients with equipment, care items and medicines.

During the war period, we provided aid for hospices and hospitals in Ukraine:

Since 2018 in cooperation with Johannes-Hospiz (Munster, Germany) partners, we managed to supply over 380 functional beds to more than 15 Hospices and Palliative Care departments in the region.

We provide care items, oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, functional beds and specialized vehicle for transporting immobilized patients. Our partner and donor from United Kingdom “Hospice of Hope”, secures this work.