Our fund is dedicated to promoting and developing palliative care in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and wider in Ukraine. An important element is the provision of education and training courses for healthcare professionals or volunteers.

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Since 2017 we supported doctors and nurses training and study programs in best practice, including the EUPCA leadership course, attending the annual palliative care congress, “Johannes-Hospiz” in Munster and the hospice in Gdansk. We organized a series of online and live trainings for nurses and doctors in Palliative Care in cooperation with Academy of Hospice Care (Munster, Germany) for specialization in multidisciplinary teams, physical rehabilitation, advanced nurse course, psychological support in war. With support of st.Panteleymon Charity Fund 3 books  for healthcare professionals and counselors were published: “Practical guide for nurses in palliative care” (2021), “Compendium – study book for teachers in palliative care” (2022), “Nutrition in palliative care” (2023-24).

The Training Centre at the Ivano-Frankivsk Hospice provides regular education and study programs for healthcare professionals, to gain basic and advanced specialization and practices in Palliative Care. Since 2010, training was provided to over 14 000 specialists (doctors and nurses) from all over  Ukraine.

The Regional Palliative Care Center is a base for the Medical University and Medical College practical studies. A pilot project for receiving postgraduate specialization in Palliative Care was launched in cooperation with Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University in 2019.

We continue to improve and expand possibilities of education and training courses together with our partners from United Kingdom and Germany to provide more awareness and expertise in Palliative Care for community and healthcare professionals.