Hospices of Hope

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In 2022, St Panteleymon Charity Fund became the official Ukrainian partner of Hospices of Hope, a UK charity whose mission since 1992 has been to develop palliative care services in South and East Europe.

Hospices of Hope currently supports hospices in 6 countries: Romania, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Albania, Greece and Ukraine. Hospices of Hope will work with us to help sustain the services for patients at the Ivano-Frankivsk group of hospices, including Nadvirna First Children’s Hospice. In the future they will help us to explore other partnerships in Ukraine in order to increase access to palliative care services and education.

St Panteleymon Charity Fund has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Hospices of Hope (UK), that allowed to sustain our services for patients and work on expanding our support to national level. We are committed to support Ivano-Frankivsk group of Hospices and are looking for partners in other regions of Ukraine.