Support for family members who are at frontline

TETIANA PANIBRATSEVA – 66 years (relocated from Zhytomyr). Suffered 2 brain hemorrhage, on the background of cerebral aneurysm (barely talks and walks).

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Tetiana was the first relocated patients in Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Palliative Care Center, who was brought on 25th of February 2022. Her son Dmytro serves in Ukrainian Army and at that time was commandant of Ivano-Frankivsk City National Guard Forces. He had vacation period and brought his mother to Ivano-Frankivsk from Zhytomyr region to be able to take care of her. They lived in a military hotel near local airport. Right after first missile strikes on 24th of February our airport and buildings were damaged so that he had no opportunity to live there and asked us for assistance. She was scared and had wounds after hotel building destruction. We hosteled her at our in-patient department and provided with basic treatment and palliative care.

Her son went to the frontline and now our personnel takes care about her as she has no other relatives to live with. Tetiana often phones Dmyto, but due to military situation he is not always able to take the call and we must provide her with psychological help along with being an interpreters to explain him the words she can not pronounce.

At that first days of war we asked our airport military forces about the way we can support them. Our Charity Fund of st.Panteleimon has provided 50 pairs of warm socks, 50 warm hats and basic medicines along with cooking tasty Ukrainian borshch for first two weeks of war.

Currently Tetiana is provided with palliative care at our Center and her son Dmytro feels satisfied and calm that he can do his military service to protect Ukraine knowing that his mother is being well cared of and has the treatment she needs, including massage and some rehabilitation procedures. We all are patiently waiting for Ukrainian victory to have a chance for Dmytro and Tetiana to reunion and live in peace.