Relocating refugees that need Palliative Care to European Hospices.

OLEH YANKOVSKYI - 54 years (relocated from Kharkiv) invalid with gout, progressive severe stage with acute pain syndrome.

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Oleh was brought to Palliative Care Center at the end of October 2022 by volunteers from city of Kharkiv. He is an alone person with no relatives in Ukraine. At our Center he receives painkillers and other symptomatic therapy, along with physiotherapist massages that helped him to progress from being decumbent to be able to sit on his own.
For more than half a year he was living under firing and bombarding of the city by russians and was supported by local volunteers with mobile hospice team. After russian missile from anti-air complex called S-300 hit his home (some modifications of this rocket can be used for ground objectives, which is the case for attacks on Kharkiv city from the russian border), the apartment he lived in was ruined and National Guard Forces helped him to evacuate from the building.
We cooperated with a charity fund “VestMission” in order to provide Oleh with proper rehabilitation and treatment abroad. That resulted in finding Palliative Care unit in Hannover (Germany) that can hostel him and provide rehabilitation, so we are preparing now papers for Oleh to cross the border.