Family reunion with patients of Hospice during wartimes

HALYNA LISCHYNSKA - 65 years (was at Hospice for years), disseminated sclerosis with effect to the lower limbs and the lower part of the body

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After death of Halyna’s husband she was left in Hospice, having her disabled son in the local hospital and her daughter has been living abroad for a long time without any connection with her mother. Nevertheless Halyna was rather optimistic and with clear mind, she was an artist and painted pictures, always wanted to look well despite conditions she were in.

When the war started Halyna was very scared and could barely eat, in a week after we received a call from her daughter who lives in Spain and they had long talks over the phone about thing that happened and are happening now in Ukraine. Finally her daughter decided she wants to reunion with her mother and brother in Spain.

We had found charity volunteers who were able to transport them to Spain from the border and organize care for Halyna and her son there. Our lawyer helped them to receive foreign passport and in September we had the first patient delivered to the border via sanitary vehicle that we received from Hospice of Hope.

The road to Spain was not easy as it was planned to have a flight, but due to Halyna’s health condition it was impossible so they had a long trip by car. After all Halyna send us photos of her in Spain where she finally settled in hospice and is grateful for helping in her relocation.