Care and support from Hospice team makes kids feel like a second family to live in.

IVAN - 5 years old (from Ivano-Frankivs region) heart disease, Down syndrome.

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Ivan has been staying at First Children Hospice since the war started. His mother has serious mental illness and currently is in process of deprivation of maternal rights. When we first met him at hospice Ivan could barely sit and was lying in bed since he did not receive proper care.

For the first 3-4month in hospice he received rehabilitation procedures to develop muscle strength and ability to stand on his own. Last fall he started speaking his first words and now is able to ask for the basic things he needs like food, toilet or promenade/play. He likes spending time in fresh air and develop his strength on a playground using equipment for rehabilitation.

Now he can walk a bit and eat himself, especially he likes fruit mash. Despite the diagnosis, weak physical condition and sorrow for missing his mother, Ivan is very bright and resilient kid. Nurses and doctors of our hospice are happy to help and care for such a cheerful boy.