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ALINA ZAGRANOVSKA -4 years old (relocated from "Okhmadyt Hospital", Kyiv) brain defects, tracheostomy, gastrostomy.

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Alina was brought to Children Hospice in Nadvirna at the beginning of April 2022, right after russian forces retreated from the Northern regions of Ukraine. Okhmadyt is the biggest hospital for children with cancer and other severe diseases located in Kyiv. At that time few kids died at Okmadyt due to lack of medicines, electricity and damage caused by shelling the city. The decision by consilium of doctors was to evacuate Alina and other kids (who needed 24/7 support) to a safer place where they would be able to receive proper care and treatment. 

She was born with brain defects and her mother was deprived of maternal rights due to mental disorders and social conditions at the first year of her life. In 2021 Alina has suffered from COVID-19 which caused a tracheostomy and now she needs permanent oxygen support. In late August 2022, she was brought to Okhmadyt once again for tracheostomy surgery, where she had another diagnosis – gastrostomy. 

Nowadays Alina receives the best possible care at Nadvirna First Children Hospice, but she suffers from cramps caused by epilepsy. We have good cooperation with the local Children’s Hospital for the installation of feeding and breathing pipes. Yet the outcome is unsure and we pray this girl gets better.